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Race Recap


Southern 500

Darlington Raceway

Apr 12, 6:15 PM

Darlington Raceway Apr 12, 6:15 PM

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Race Details


APRIL 12th

Live Tweets

From @LowesRacing

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  • Checkered flag, JJ finishes P3. "Thank you guys for never giving up," says @JimmieJohnson. #lowes48
  • White flag! JJ P3. #lowes48
  • Green flag, GWC #2! #lowes48
  • JJ spun his tires on that restart in the outside lane. He'll be on the inside, P3 for the second GWC attempt. #lowes48
  • Caution for a wreck behind us. @DaleJr got the jump on the restart, JJ is P3 behind the 88 & 4. #lowes48
  • Lap 295 P4 JJ has made up some ground on Harvick, now trails by 4.993 seconds. #lowes48
  • Lap 290 P4 JJ trails leader Kevin Harvick by 5.440 seconds, and is 3.2 seconds behind third-place Jeff Gordon. #lowes48
  • Fourth. Lap 287. @JimmieJohnson is on the move! #lowes48
  • Fifth! Lap 285, #lowes48
  • Lap 282 P6 Jimmie picks up two spots for sixth. "That was nice," says @BigEarl48. #lowes48
  • Lap 282 P6 Jimmie picks up two spots for sixth. "That was nice," says @BigEarl48. #lowes48
  • Lap 251 P9 Green flag! #lowes48
  • With 117 laps to go @TooToughToTame, JJ will restart ninth. #lowes48
  • Lap 248 JJ brings the #lowes48 to pit road for service - 4 tires, fuel and adjustments.
  • Lap 247 P9 Caution for debris. JJ: "To go faster I need to be able to turn in the center better, and be tighter in and off." #lowes48
  • Lap 245 P9 JJ trails the leader by 4.608 seconds as @BigEarl48 lets him know he has no pressure from behind. #lowes48
  • Lap 239 P9 JJ: "I would say the rear of the car is a little deeper into the track right now, but still very similar to the run before."
  • JJ will restart P13. "You're doing a good job out there man, we're easing up on 'em," says @BigEarl48. #lowes48
  • Lap 94 JJ pits for 4 tires, fuel, adjustments, and a windshield tear-off. #lowes48
  • RT @Mikey2082: The #Lowes48 is about to crack the Top 10. @LowesRacing is the best in the business at staying calm cool and collected. #NAS…
  • Lap 92 P13 Caution is out. JJ's feedback: "Little free off, good in the center, tight into 3." #lowes48
  • Lap 80 P17 JJ is making up ground now. "Tight into 3 is my biggest issue," he says. #lowes48
  • Lap 75 P20 " at a time, we're gettin' 'em," says @BigEarl48. #lowes48
  • Lap 70 P23 JJ is now back up to where he was running before he had to make double pit stops. #lowes48
  • Lap 67 P25 After losing a spot on the restart, JJ makes it up, plus one. #lowes48
  • @TamsJJ48 Stall 29
  • Yes RT @lagunatick_: @LowesRacing is JJ still on the lead lap?
  • Green flag on lap 63. JJ restarts P26. #lowes48
  • JJ brings the #lowes48 to pit road on lap 60 for tires, fuel and another round of adjustments. #NASCAR
  • Lap 59 Caution. JJ says the car turns better, but would like it to be more "in" the track. Basically, wants more grip w/o tightening it up.
  • Lap 53 P28 JJ: "It's better." Good news from the driver of the #lowes48.
  • Lap *48* P29 JJ picks up two spots on the restart. #lowes48
  • JJ will restart 31st. Green flag! #lowes48
  • JJ says he hit something w/ his RS tires. CK calls for him to come back to pit road. Will get 4 more tires and continue to free the car up.


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